Excelling At The Doctor Job Interview Questions And Answers

Earlier this month we hosted a free live Webinar on YouTube with over 40 trainee doctors to help everyone get better prepared for their upcoming job interviews and how to answer doctor interview questions.

You can watch the full video above.  But just in case you are looking for some specific guidance I have taken the time to timestamp it as well so you can find the information that you want more quickly.  The timestamps are provided here on this post as well.

Also, another hack for speed watching YouTube videos on PC is that you can turn the settings to watch the video at up to 2x speed.

Introduction & Webinar Outline

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In this section we cover a little bit about dress code, finding out about the interview style and panel, getting your documents together and working out how to get to the interview.  The key emphasis should be to deal with these practical matters as quickly and soon as possible so you can focus in on your interview.

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Multiple Mini Interviews

An emerging trend in doctor interviews is that of multiple mini interviews.  We cover what these are and how they may differ slightly from the traditional one panel interview and therefore what sort of doctor interview questions you should practice.

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Review Your CV & Don't Forget to Smile

Its always a good idea to review your CV prior to your doctor interview.  Similarly practicing your smile can make the doctor interview question and answer process a more relaxed one for you and the panel and help to give a positive vibe.

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Interview Frameworks for Doctor Interview Questions

There are two Frameworks I recommend you learn which will help you with 99% of the questions

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Specific Doctor Interview Questions:

Tell Us About You?

Why You (for the Job)?

Strengths and Weaknesses

Work Conflict

Ethical Dilemma

The Do You Have Any Questions? Question

Discriminatory Questions

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Some Final Thoughts on Practising Doctor Interview Questions

I hope that this video is helpful to you.  Leave a like or comment on YouTube or below if it is.  Think about subscribing if you want to enjoy more helpful content.

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